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Andrew Wyeth & Looking Up, 11 x 11 inch watercolor floral

Andrew Wyeth's Studio in Chadd's Ford, PA, was undeniably, one of the most awe-inspiring places I have visited. You may think I am joking, but I am serious when I say that this studio was more inspiring to me than the Grand Canyon. Yep. That's how much I loved it. Here are a few photos of his Chadd's Ford home and studio. First, the STUDIO ENTRANCE, upon which reads the sign:  I AM WORKING SO PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB. I do not give autographs.


INSIDE THE STUDIO:  Andrew Wyeth's full length mirror by his north facing window, through which you can see his easel, with a painting of a dog he desperately wanted to rescue from his chains, but he could not.  The story goes that Andrew pleaded with the owner, but to no avail.  The poor animal suffered, then was killed by the owner.  Many sadnesses and hardships seemed to accompany the Wyeth family. But, there were joys as well. There are many books written about this multi-generational family of artists and they are so worth the read!  The palette in the left lower corner of this photo is unique and had several wells for his tempera paints. On the window sill are his dry pigments for mixing his tempera paints. He is known for his awe-inspiring watercolors, but switched to tempera when his father, his mentor, was killed in a tragic train accident near the Chadd's Ford grounds, in 1945.


The floor of the studio, studies strewn about. I've never met a neat artist! Hope I never do!


Also, of great interest to me, the Wyeth library. This room is across the hall from the studio, and houses reference books of other artists' works, huge reels of film, the many books that Andrew's father, N.C. Wyeth, illustrated, toy soldiers, and much more. An artist leaves a legacy of excitement and energy. If allowed, I could have spent hours upon hours in that library!

Andrew Wyeth, Chadd's Ford, PA


Thought you would like to watch Pink Hibiscus, Looking Up!  being created:

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"Ristras de Taos," 8 x 10 watercolor landscape

"Ristras de Taos" is the third in this series of 4 paintings.  One more to come!  


Did you try the Chili Recipe? What did you think?  You can leave your comments below ♡


To purchase this painting, click here.

Or have a go at the auction, click here.

Or order prints, click here.


Enjoy the making of this painting..........VIDEO BELOW............


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Antique Meat Grinder, 8 x 10 watercolor stillife

This heavy but serviceable antique once belonged to my paternal grandmother (Mamah).  It has and still does grind meats for my family.  To purchase this painting, please click here



1.  Slow-cook a nice sized roast (chuck, rump....your choice) in a crock-pot.

2.  Enjoy that meal and the next day....... grind the left-over meat, sweet pickles, one chopped onion, and about 6 (peeled) hard-boiled eggs in the grinder.  

3.  Add a little mayonaise and spread on a cracker for a scrumptious snack!


A little VIDEO for your enjoyment:   Art in the Making..................


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For the auction of this painting, please click here.


Interested in painting this yourself?  Please see my "Art Lessons" or click here.

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Copper Teapot on Blue, 10x8 watercolor still life

As I was painting this Exercise in Transparent and Granulating colors, I also made a Tutorial in a nice PDF format.  If you are interested, just click on ART LESSONS at the left.   All colors, many photos, and detailed directions are listed in the tutorial.  Tutorials are "buy one, get one free." ☺  Although not as specific as the tutorial, the Smilebox below shows some of the stages of this painting.  To see this painting in a larger format and/or to order prints, please click here.  To purchase the Original painting, please click here.  


Remember, I had lunch with Hayley last week?  Isn't she cute!



The Smilebox..........

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[Weekly] Treasure Island......& my favorite surface to paint on

"Treasure Island," oil on canvas panel, was painted at Treasure Island Park in Troy, Ohio.  The sun was just beginning it's descent, and the clouds were quickly darkening, so I was painting rather quickly!  A lovely little park on the Great Miami River in Troy, Treasure Island Park offers a gentle view of the bridge and the courthouse tower.  For more information and to see a larger version of this painting, please click here.





The surface of TREASURE ISLAND is slightly textured, and is painted in oils on a rigid canvas panel (not stretched canvas).  However, my favorite support (and now Dennis's favorite as well) is made by a company called Ampersand.  These panels are made of masonite and are therefore absolutely rigid.  They are treated with several coats of gesso, then sanded several times to create a very smooth surface.  I enjoy the "bounce" that comes with "stretched" canvas; but having had one of my paintings succumb to a hole being poked through it, I quickly switched to a harder surface:  Ampersand.  For other surfaces, see this video by Justin Clayton discussing painting supports.  

"At the Feet of Jesus"

© Donna Pierce-Clark

Click Here for a larger image of this painting.   Then, return to leave your comments please.

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(Weekly) All Puffed Up!

I painted this little fella for one of the Watercolor classes at Troy Hayner.  Cutie, huh?  See him a bit larger here.  Get prints and notecards of him here.   OR PAINT YOUR OWN.  You can purchase the Tutorial here.  And/Or, scroll down to see the Smilebox and leave your thoughts!

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[Weekly] A Touch of Spring!

See those tiny little yellow dots?  They represent a little "touch of Spring!"  Color is just around the corner!  To watch how this painting was made, enjoy the short video below............


To see a larger version or more information about this painting, please click here.

Today is the last day to leave your comments, I'll announce the winner of the 2011 Free Painting Drawing next Wednesday!  



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How to Paint Waves & Rocks

Storm Coming!

Storm Coming!   I asked a dear friend recently, "What would you like to see a 'How-To' Lesson on?"  She asked for rocks and other subjects.  Thanks, Marsha!  This is just the beginning.  Old Art Teachers never die; they just keep dippin' paint! To see this painting in a larger format, please click here.  Scroll down for the Slide Show!

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Comments?........Scroll down to leave yours! The Drawing for the FREE PAINTING will be announced March 9th. Catch up, and get your name "in the hat!" 

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Baby, it's COLD outside! (Did you get the mail?)


Baby, it's COLD outside!   Did you get the mail?


Here's My Quick Little Video of "HOW BEST TO PAINT SNOW" (below).  Enjoy!

To see a larger version of this painting, please CLICK HERE.



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Your comments are always welcome!   Would you like to see MORE VIDEOS???    

Would you, Would you???    Please let me know.  

 The Drawing for the FREE "New Year's" PAINTING will be announced March 9th.  If you missed a week, just scroll down and leave your comments for any of these 8 blogs (January 12th through March 2nd).  Catch up with all 8 blogs, and your name is "in the hat for the FREE PAINTING!" 

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Tom's Punkin'


TOM'S PUNKIN' was begun as a demonstration for the Lima Area Watercolor Society.   I also made a lengthy (34 min) VIDEO of myself painting Tom's Punkin,' from start to finish, with Transparent Watercolors.   So if you missed the demo and would like to see it now, please click below on my name.   Enjoy!

Tom's Punkin' from Donna M Clark on Vimeo.


If you are interested in seeing this larger or purchasing Tom's Punkin,' please CLICK HERE.


Tom Brown, an artist in Irvine, California, graciously gave me permission to copy his oil painting into TRANSPARENT WATERCOLORS.   You can see more of Tom's work HERE.  
To see what's happening with the MARIAN SERIES, please click on In the Studio (button at left).
See what the Hayner Students are doing!  (button at left)
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