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Pacific Waves_11 x 14" OIL_seascape


While in California, a couple of years ago, we thoroughly enjoyed the pacific coast. A drive down highway 1 is a must do if you are in the area. This pacific coast highway is quiet, with very little traffic, and absolutely gorgeous views! To see this larger, please click here.  Last week, Dennis and I were on the East Coast and visited areas from Pennsylvania to the islands of Chincoteague and Assateague. On the uninhabited island of Assateague, we saw ponies roaming freely. Here we came across one as we were biking across the bridge between the two islands. This is a normal site on the island, as they roam and graze with no attention to passersby. Visitors are cautioned not to feed them by hand, as they can get a bit testy and bite! So, we enjoyed this little darling from afar (about 10 feet away).

We road our bikes on into the island, and saw more ponies grazing in groups, and later that day, we took a sunset cruise around the island to see the ponies from another vantage point.

The next morning, we rode our bikes onto the island again to see the ponies as they had been rounded up for yearly vaccinations.  This little sweetheart will be auctioned in July at the "big round-up." Prices range from 1200 to 12,000. How I would love to have one of them for my very own and for my grandchildren!! 

Of course, we rode our bikes to the ocean!

After our island adventures, we headed towards Pennsylvania to Falling Waters, masterfully designed by famed architect: Frank Loyd Wright.  Falling Waters is constructed "over" a waterfall, where floor after floor of carefully engineered terraces project from the main building. Even the windows were carefully planned to open at intervals to allow the sound of the falls to enter the home in greater or lesser degrees. Imagine, tuning the volume of your own waterfall! I heard this difference as our tour guide slowly adjusted the window; truly astounding!  Originally built for $150,000!!!  Wanna make a trade? 

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Old Oyster Factory (Early Morning), 8 x 10" Oil, Landscape


I love early mornings on the marshes of the southeast coast of our beautiful country:  bird songs, breezes, and fresh scents in the air!

For price information and to see this image larger, please click here.

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Two for Joy, 8 x 10" Oil, Landscape


As the rain steadily fell on rooftops, onto the palm branches and pine needles, and into cool waters of the pool below; I stood on the balcony in Hilton Head, and mixed various greys to match the grey patterns before me.  Crows, blackbirds, and ravens often get a bad rap, but these two traditionally are symbolic for joy. And, it was joyful, during my week on the island, to listen to them sing and watch them playfully glide through the air, as they seemed to be playing tag with one another. In the midst of rain and crows who have a "bad" reputation, I took pleasure and joy in listening and looking for the good in this otherwise, "could-have-been," drab day. Praise the Lord at all times. The Joy of the Lord is my strength.  Not for sale, but prints can be purchased here.

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Hilton Head, Morning at the Beach, 8 x 10 inch watercolor landscape


To the symphony of beach sounds, I painted.  

Waves coming in softly,

Lapping at the shore,

Dogs running playfully up and down the beach,

Occasionally barking,

Sea gulls singing

And winging

Their way over the incoming waters,

Curious visitors standing quietly nearby,

Offering their words of encouragement.

Ah! Peace!


(to view larger or to purchase, click here)

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Storm Coming [Indian Lake]_2.5 x 3.5" Oil Landscape


Whew! This storm was strong and fast. I barely had time to paint. No fish were caught on this trip! TO SEE LARGER, CLICK HERE.

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Churning Waters [Indian Lake, Ohio]_5 x 7 inch oil_landscape


The winds were strong today on Indian Lake. The easel even blew over! Everything went flying!
Business cards scattered in the wind, the water to clean the brushes totally dumped out, and the easel parts were a little skewed (not bent, not broken, just a little out of place). The Ampersand panel was covered in mud, but I was undaunted.  With the help of loved ones (our son and daughter-in-law accompanied us today!) "Father's Day" celebration), we picked it all up, wiped off the panel, and started painting! In the photo below, you can see my sweetheart fishing and my easel (just before that strong wind dumped it all over!) Even though the waters churned with pontoons, speed boats and ski-dos; Dennis still caught catfish today! Yum!

Dinner! To see this larger, please click here.

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Blackhawk Channel (Indian Lake)_8 x 10 inch oil_seascape


The rain was falling this morning, when Dennis and I drove to Indian Lake; he with his fishing rod, and myself with my pleinair easel. By 11:30, the sun came out and the lake mirrored the beautiful blue sky. Just a perfect, perfect day!  Blackhawk channel is a favorite spot both for fishing and for painting.  Dennis caught bluegill this time (last time it was catfish), while I painted the lovely reflections of the sky. I particuarly loved adding the little specks of orangish yellow on the far left top of the painting. That's where the waterlily leaves were turned up and reflecting the sunshine, too!

Bluegill on the chopping block!.........Aren't his colors gorgeous!!

 It was Father's Day. We're home now, Dennis has cleaned the fish (I can't wait! Yum!), and he's resting with a good book, while I'm posting this blog. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ZOOM VIEW.  

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West Wind_2.5 x 3.5 inch_oil on canvas_Seascape

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West Winds over the lake were fierce (Indian Lake, Ohio), as we each got our "sea legs" back. For Dennis, this meant fishing, and for Donna, my beloved plein air painting (which has been scarce). He and I have had a very, very "long, long" year of 1) health issues: appendicitis (Dennis), then myself (shingles, followed by an intense allergy attack and sinus infection), and 2) previous commitments and daily responsibilities:  Dennis's full time job at the base coupled with full time work at home (keeping up an acre of land, with its weeds and gardening, keeping three cars running, helping Brian with plumbing, and our own plumbing....the list goes on and on); and my two classes at Wittenberg, one of which was highly intense (a semester load in 3 weeks). Yearly, I do home-school assessments and must stay licensed to do that.  Whew! We truly needed this day off. We truly had our own West Wind of a year. Take a look below at a photo of Dennis's grin (tells all). Typically, when fishing, he catches one or none. Wow! Were we blessed. He caught 8 catfish in one hour.  Dinner! Although we technically "skipped church," the entire day felt like Jesus was saying, "Good job, kids. You've had a long, long year." Grace, not law. TOO SEE LARGER VERSION OF West Wind, please click here.

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Sunshine & Roses_10 x 6" watercolor floral


Happy Vallentine's Day!  Out of the darkness, out of our trials, if we persevere; come Sunshine & Roses. For ZOOM VIEW, please click here.  With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:2-3

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Whisper of Love_12 x 9 acrylic on linen panel_floral still life


I wore pearls on my wedding day. They were my grandmother's. She has been gone many years now and I remember her with a great love. Do you have special "love" memories? I hope you'll write and share your memories. Leave your comments below &  To see this larger, please click here.

Three things will last forever

- faith, hope, and love -

and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

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Cup O' Rose_5 x 5" acrylic floral

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Valentine's Day is soon to come! More roses, more florals, more hearts. LOTS-A-LOVE coming your way!  The second is this: 'LOVE your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." Mark 12:31

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Key to My Heart_7 x 5" acrylic still life


In February, I will be painting LOVE PAINTINGS. KEY TO MY HEART is just the first of many to come. Jesus replied, 'You must LOVE the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.' – Matthew 22:37   Who holds the key to your heart?  To see this larger or to purchase, please click here. 

Remember the Becky Joy workshop!!

Click here for details.

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SCENT OF SPRING, 8 x 10 acrylic landscape


The flowering trees in the field across the road were in beautiful bloom last week. Soft, gentle breezes send their sweet scents across to me as I gazed beyond the fence line. Click Here for a larger version.  Click Here for the Auction. 

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True Friends, 10 x 7" Watercolor Still Life


I have a very, very dear friend. We have been close friends for many years. We share everything with one another:  our hopes, our dreams, our faults, our successes, our ups and our downs. Nothing is left out. We are transparent. We are true friends. True Friends are Transparent and can trust one another with anything. Don't hide behind your masks; be a True Friend.  A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.  Proverbs 18:24

Would you like to paint Reflections? Glass? Shadows? Would you like a Good TUTORIAL???  There is not a tutorial for this painting, but I did a similar one and you can find that HERE.

To purchase this painting, please click here.

Please remember to take a look at the student work! WOWZERS!!!!!!

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It's a Dodge! 20 x 29" transparent watercolor landscape


Cars, cars, cars!!! That was my father's life. He worked for the Chrysler Corporation for many, many years. Before that, he worked for Chevrolet for a short time. He sold them, was a sales manager, a tri-state executive, and ultimately owned his very own Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge dealership in New Carlisle, Ohio for many years. As I was growing up, I was privileged to drive the latest and craziest cars on the street. Was that fun! So, I told myself, it's time to paint some! Here's my first, an old Dodge Truck, with a scene of the Painted Desert in the background (that place is so gorgeous!). This is my first car painting (an older vehicle!), but I've got ideas for some newer models rolling around in my noggin.......................well, what do you think? .............Please leave your comments below.

For prints, or simply to see this much, much larger, please click here.

To purchase original, please click here.

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Singing Waters, 8 x 10 acrylic landscape


The gently rolling waves of The Little Miami River literally sang to us, as Michelle and I painted on the banks. Oh, what a marvelous experience!  Ohio IS so beautiful!

 To read more about this piece and/or to purchase, please click here.  

 To bid on this auction, please click here.

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Antique Meat Grinder, 8 x 10 watercolor stillife

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This heavy but serviceable antique once belonged to my paternal grandmother (Mamah).  It has and still does grind meats for my family.  To purchase this painting, please click here


1.  Slow-cook a nice sized roast (chuck, rump....your choice) in a crock-pot.

2.  Enjoy that meal and the next day....... grind the left-over meat, sweet pickles, one chopped onion, and about 6 (peeled) hard-boiled eggs in the grinder.  

3.  Add a little mayonaise and spread on a cracker for a scrumptious snack!

A little VIDEO for your enjoyment:   Art in the Making..................

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

For the auction of this painting, please click here.

Interested in painting this yourself?  Please see my "Art Lessons" or click here.

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A Bird's Paradise, 8x10 acrylic landscape


Painted on location, during the 2011 Lake Waynoka Art Festival & Auction, this painting was a joy to do.  Our hostess for the weekend, Donna Wyatt, brought me water to drink while I was painting and she even made us brownies and a scrumptious breakfast!   We loved visiting with them when I wasn't painting.  For a larger view of this or to order prints or notecards, please click here.

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Morning Light on Lake Waynoka, 8x10 acrylic landscape


"Morning Light on Lake Waynoka" SOLD at the 2011  Lake Waynoka Art Festival (Auction & Sale).  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with a dear couple who live at the lake.  What a gorgeous gated community this is!  Thank you, Lake Waynoka, for having the Ohio Plein Air Society for a weekend of painting and fun!  Although this painting is sold, nice prints and/or notecards can be ordered from Fine Art America.  Click Here to see how nice the prints look and/or to order.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!!

Karen, Karen, and I had such a fun time with our "Little Miss Revlon" dolls (from the 1950's).  Little Miss Revlon dolls were made just before the Barbie craze.  Google it!  Really interesting. Rare dolls!

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Pavilion Hollyhocks [Lakeside, Ohio] & The Wedding


Another painting from Lakeside!  In the background is the Pavilion and the boardwalk out over Lake Erie.  To see more about this painting, please click here.


AUCTION of TRICKLES FROM HEAVEN (above) ends in just a few hours!!!  CLICK HERE TO BID.


Click below to hear the bagpipes! (and to see a video of the wedding)

Brian from Donna M Clark on Vimeo.

Brian and Daisy had the most beautiful wedding and the bagpiper was one of many special touches! Enjoy!

Paintings that sold in the last few weeks:


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I Delight in You


This latest Marian Painting, "I Delight in You," was done from a tiny 34 year old faded photo of my oldest son, Matthew, and his Aunt Peggy.   Details were difficult to see, but I wanted to capture the love in her eyes for her new nephew.   She still loves him.  I can imagine that Mary certainly had moments like this with her son, Jesus.  Many paintings done and many to go, the Marian series continues.   Please leave comments below.  To see a larger version, please CLICK HERE.

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Lakeside Paintout


This was the only painting left after the Pleinair Show and Sale.   Most paintings were still wet.   What a fun weekend!!   CLICK HERE to read the story behind STONE COLLECTION

The two that sold are below.  They are like little babies to me and I tenderly packaged them and gently handed them into the hands of their new "mommies."  
 This [Washed by the Son] was my favorite.   

This next one is my second favorite and I was so happy to sell this to our beloved B&B owner, Carole Pierce. Below these paintings are a few images of the Eveningsong Cottage Bed and Breakfast where we enjoyed 3 amazingly relaxing days and evenings.   

Carole and Gary are wonderful to us.  And a very special thank you to Mary Dziak for planning another wonderful weekend at Lakeside, Ohio for the OHIO PLEINAIR SOCIETY.  

We enjoyed making new friends and getting re-acquainted with old friends.   On the right, is Martha, and she is 94 and so healthy and joyful.   A dear to talk with.   At the very back, is Blanch, who is speaking in her native tongue:  Czechoslovakian.   She speaks one of the two dialects in this country.   Blanch is 80.   We also crossed paths with a couple from our neck of the woods, Springfield, Ohio.    Three other ladies, we jokingly referred to as "The motley crew," provided us with mirth.   There were many more people we enjoyed as well.   Just too many to name. 

The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend.   As we left, I took numerous photos of the lake.   The skies were amazing every moment, any time of the day.   I can't wait till next year and I hope you will enjoy some of the Weekly Paintings to come (from this wonderful trip).

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Tea Time


to read more about

While still in my early 20's, I was given this tea set of 6 hand-painted Bavarian China tea cups and saucers, which originally belonged to my paternal grandmother, "Mamah."

Please make your comment below to receive your free print and
to bless my socks off!!
Thank you!!!

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Mother's Love


   The Winner of the FREE PAINTING has been chosen!   

The honor goes to Marsha Elliott, my dear friend and co-member of The Miami Valley Plein Air Belles.   Congratulations Marsha!  You have won "Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah."

at left, is the newest painting.  
Click on the painting to read the story behind this little gem.   I enjoyed the vacation, but am happy to get back to painting little jewels that hold deep feelings.

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Loving Memories



Psalm your book, all the days of my life were written before ever they took shape.....

CHINA BOWL exemplifies for me the fragility of life.  Click on the image to read more about why I feel this way.    

Please add your comments below.   I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you and God bless you this week.

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Let Your Light So Shine


Matthew 5:16 Let Your Light So Shine


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