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A Few Lily Pads, 6 x 8" Oil, Landscape

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After loosing my Studio Dog, with my broken heart, it was SO hard to get back into the swing of things, to get back to any easel (plein air or studio). So, after a few weeks, we went camping. We took our new puppy and what fun we had! For a short while, we rented a pontoon.  We packed Dennis's fishing gear and my plein air gear. Boat loaded and ready, I thought, "it's now or never! I've GOT to get back to painting!"...............We trolled around the north east corner of Indian Lake, looking for just the right spot to drop anchor. Dennis came upon this quiet little area, full of lily pads. The sky was a gentle blue with huge white billowy clouds. The pontoon had a nice cover, so I settled in and painted for about an hour. My heart heavy with grief over loosing my 14 year companion, I painted ever so slowly.  But, as time went on, I began to get my muse back! I was painting!!  And I was enjoying it, broken hearted or not....I WAS painting again! Dennis threw in his line and waited. He looked so peaceful, just sitting and waiting.  HOWEVER! ............Unbeknownst to us, even though we had the anchor down, we drifted. Slowly, ever so slowly, we drifted into edges of the the crop of lily pads! Oops! I quickly put lids on medium and turpentine, held tightly to the tri-pod, and Dennis gunned the engine. The props ripped through a few plants, but not enough to cause too much damage to this lovely area. We only dragged a few plants for a little while as we pulled away. Whew! My painting was nearly done. We settled in again. I painted, and Dennis fished a bit longer. We brought home no fish on this little outing, just a canvas with a beautiful sky and  A Few Lily Pads!  To see this larger, please click here.

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Churning Waters [Indian Lake, Ohio]_5 x 7 inch oil_landscape


The winds were strong today on Indian Lake. The easel even blew over! Everything went flying!
Business cards scattered in the wind, the water to clean the brushes totally dumped out, and the easel parts were a little skewed (not bent, not broken, just a little out of place). The Ampersand panel was covered in mud, but I was undaunted.  With the help of loved ones (our son and daughter-in-law accompanied us today!) "Father's Day" celebration), we picked it all up, wiped off the panel, and started painting! In the photo below, you can see my sweetheart fishing and my easel (just before that strong wind dumped it all over!) Even though the waters churned with pontoons, speed boats and ski-dos; Dennis still caught catfish today! Yum!

Dinner! To see this larger, please click here.

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Blackhawk Channel (Indian Lake)_8 x 10 inch oil_seascape


The rain was falling this morning, when Dennis and I drove to Indian Lake; he with his fishing rod, and myself with my pleinair easel. By 11:30, the sun came out and the lake mirrored the beautiful blue sky. Just a perfect, perfect day!  Blackhawk channel is a favorite spot both for fishing and for painting.  Dennis caught bluegill this time (last time it was catfish), while I painted the lovely reflections of the sky. I particuarly loved adding the little specks of orangish yellow on the far left top of the painting. That's where the waterlily leaves were turned up and reflecting the sunshine, too!

Bluegill on the chopping block!.........Aren't his colors gorgeous!!

 It was Father's Day. We're home now, Dennis has cleaned the fish (I can't wait! Yum!), and he's resting with a good book, while I'm posting this blog. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ZOOM VIEW.  

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West Wind_2.5 x 3.5 inch_oil on canvas_Seascape

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West Winds over the lake were fierce (Indian Lake, Ohio), as we each got our "sea legs" back. For Dennis, this meant fishing, and for Donna, my beloved plein air painting (which has been scarce). He and I have had a very, very "long, long" year of 1) health issues: appendicitis (Dennis), then myself (shingles, followed by an intense allergy attack and sinus infection), and 2) previous commitments and daily responsibilities:  Dennis's full time job at the base coupled with full time work at home (keeping up an acre of land, with its weeds and gardening, keeping three cars running, helping Brian with plumbing, and our own plumbing....the list goes on and on); and my two classes at Wittenberg, one of which was highly intense (a semester load in 3 weeks). Yearly, I do home-school assessments and must stay licensed to do that.  Whew! We truly needed this day off. We truly had our own West Wind of a year. Take a look below at a photo of Dennis's grin (tells all). Typically, when fishing, he catches one or none. Wow! Were we blessed. He caught 8 catfish in one hour.  Dinner! Although we technically "skipped church," the entire day felt like Jesus was saying, "Good job, kids. You've had a long, long year." Grace, not law. TOO SEE LARGER VERSION OF West Wind, please click here.

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SCENT OF SPRING, 8 x 10 acrylic landscape


The flowering trees in the field across the road were in beautiful bloom last week. Soft, gentle breezes send their sweet scents across to me as I gazed beyond the fence line. Click Here for a larger version.  Click Here for the Auction. 

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Morning Meditation, 12x12 inch acrylic landscape


"Morning Meditation," one of 3 paintings (fog series), was done from my own backyard.  Our backyard faces acres and acres of corn fields (next year it will be soy beans) and beyond the fields, there is a little wooded area that runs along a stream (where deer frequent in herds). Every day, a new beautiful scene reveals itself and the foggy mornings have been exquisite this year.  To read more about this painting, or to purchase this painting, please click here.

After I complete this Morning Meditation Series, I plan to do more fog paintings (but, this is NOT the surprise that is coming after Thanksgiving!).  In preparation for the fog painting series, I have taken a large number of photos of foggy landscapes, from the backyard and beyond.  Below are 3 possible photos I have to choose from for my next "fog" series (Lake Waynoka, Ohio).  Which would you like to see me paint first?  A, B, or C?  I'm having a really hard time deciding!!  Thanks for helping!   [for more on "Following Your Dream" see the end of this Blog Post)




More on Meditation and "Following Your Dream"

 The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart - this you will build your life by, and this you will become.  (James Allen)

For more insights from James Allen's book,  "As a Man Thinketh" (click)

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Singing Waters, 8 x 10 acrylic landscape


The gently rolling waves of The Little Miami River literally sang to us, as Michelle and I painted on the banks. Oh, what a marvelous experience!  Ohio IS so beautiful!

 To read more about this piece and/or to purchase, please click here.  

 To bid on this auction, please click here.

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"Nestled in - a gift," an 11x14 acrylic landscape


"Nestled in" is a larger version of "A Bird's Paradise," (below).  "Nestled in" was painted as a gift for Donna and Tom Wyatt who so graciously hosted us as I painted at Lake Waynoka.  "A Bird's Paradise" was painted quickly and on location [Donna and Tom's backyard at Lake Waynoka], while "Nestled in" was painted in the studio, from photo references as well as from the original plein air painting, "A Bird's Paradise."  Pleinair painting captures colors and lighting conditions that many times are difficult to discern in photographs.  Often, pleinair works end up being stand-alone paintings with merits of their own; however, many pleinair paintings are actually preliminary "notes" for the artist.  I like my first attempt, but prefer the studio version in this instance.  What do you think?

"Nestled in,"  although in a private collection, is available as prints.  To order prints, please click here.

Dennis worked on the deck. We are nearing the finish line! Below, you can see some of his hard work and the view I will be painting "from the deck."



Don't forget, .............take a look at the student's work this week!!

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A Bird's Paradise, 8x10 acrylic landscape


Painted on location, during the 2011 Lake Waynoka Art Festival & Auction, this painting was a joy to do.  Our hostess for the weekend, Donna Wyatt, brought me water to drink while I was painting and she even made us brownies and a scrumptious breakfast!   We loved visiting with them when I wasn't painting.  For a larger view of this or to order prints or notecards, please click here.

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Morning Light on Lake Waynoka, 8x10 acrylic landscape


"Morning Light on Lake Waynoka" SOLD at the 2011  Lake Waynoka Art Festival (Auction & Sale).  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with a dear couple who live at the lake.  What a gorgeous gated community this is!  Thank you, Lake Waynoka, for having the Ohio Plein Air Society for a weekend of painting and fun!  Although this painting is sold, nice prints and/or notecards can be ordered from Fine Art America.  Click Here to see how nice the prints look and/or to order.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!!

Karen, Karen, and I had such a fun time with our "Little Miss Revlon" dolls (from the 1950's).  Little Miss Revlon dolls were made just before the Barbie craze.  Google it!  Really interesting. Rare dolls!

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Pavilion Hollyhocks [Lakeside, Ohio] & The Wedding


Another painting from Lakeside!  In the background is the Pavilion and the boardwalk out over Lake Erie.  To see more about this painting, please click here.


AUCTION of TRICKLES FROM HEAVEN (above) ends in just a few hours!!!  CLICK HERE TO BID.


Click below to hear the bagpipes! (and to see a video of the wedding)

Brian from Donna M Clark on Vimeo.

Brian and Daisy had the most beautiful wedding and the bagpiper was one of many special touches! Enjoy!

Paintings that sold in the last few weeks:


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"Yonder Barn," & Marian Reception Results

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For more information on this painting (why I painted this, where it is, etc.), please click here.

You can access the AUCTION of "Orlando Palms" (listed for $200, but auction begins at $10), if you click here.

The Marian Reception:  there are no words to describe the joy I felt.  Being surrounded by so many friends, family, new admirers, and students was beyond description.  Father Roten, pictured below, gave the most precious and insightful talk prior to the visit.  I was and still am greatly humbled by his depth of understanding and appreciation of my three years of dedication.  He identified 7 commonalities to all of my work.  Thank you, Father Roten!  Sister Jean is such a delightful person!  Thank you to all!  For the UD Marian page with my 32 paintings and one sculpture, please click here.

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[Weekly] Treasure Island......& my favorite surface to paint on


"Treasure Island," oil on canvas panel, was painted at Treasure Island Park in Troy, Ohio.  The sun was just beginning it's descent, and the clouds were quickly darkening, so I was painting rather quickly!  A lovely little park on the Great Miami River in Troy, Treasure Island Park offers a gentle view of the bridge and the courthouse tower.  For more information and to see a larger version of this painting, please click here.



The surface of TREASURE ISLAND is slightly textured, and is painted in oils on a rigid canvas panel (not stretched canvas).  However, my favorite support (and now Dennis's favorite as well) is made by a company called Ampersand.  These panels are made of masonite and are therefore absolutely rigid.  They are treated with several coats of gesso, then sanded several times to create a very smooth surface.  I enjoy the "bounce" that comes with "stretched" canvas; but having had one of my paintings succumb to a hole being poked through it, I quickly switched to a harder surface:  Ampersand.  For other surfaces, see this video by Justin Clayton discussing painting supports.  

"At the Feet of Jesus"

© Donna Pierce-Clark

Click Here for a larger image of this painting.   Then, return to leave your comments please.

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One sunny day, this Spring, when the temperatures reached over 80, Dennis and I went to Snyder Park to paint the Whitewater Course! Yes! Dennis painted, too!   To find out more about this new park and to see a larger view of this painting, Click Here!

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Baby, it's COLD outside! (Did you get the mail?)

Baby, it's COLD outside!   Did you get the mail?

Here's My Quick Little Video of "HOW BEST TO PAINT SNOW" (below).  Enjoy!

To see a larger version of this painting, please CLICK HERE.

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Your comments are always welcome!   Would you like to see MORE VIDEOS???    

Would you, Would you???    Please let me know.  

 The Drawing for the FREE "New Year's" PAINTING will be announced March 9th.  If you missed a week, just scroll down and leave your comments for any of these 8 blogs (January 12th through March 2nd).  Catch up with all 8 blogs, and your name is "in the hat for the FREE PAINTING!" 

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Lakeside Paintout


This was the only painting left after the Pleinair Show and Sale.   Most paintings were still wet.   What a fun weekend!!   CLICK HERE to read the story behind STONE COLLECTION

The two that sold are below.  They are like little babies to me and I tenderly packaged them and gently handed them into the hands of their new "mommies."  
 This [Washed by the Son] was my favorite.   

This next one is my second favorite and I was so happy to sell this to our beloved B&B owner, Carole Pierce. Below these paintings are a few images of the Eveningsong Cottage Bed and Breakfast where we enjoyed 3 amazingly relaxing days and evenings.   

Carole and Gary are wonderful to us.  And a very special thank you to Mary Dziak for planning another wonderful weekend at Lakeside, Ohio for the OHIO PLEINAIR SOCIETY.  

We enjoyed making new friends and getting re-acquainted with old friends.   On the right, is Martha, and she is 94 and so healthy and joyful.   A dear to talk with.   At the very back, is Blanch, who is speaking in her native tongue:  Czechoslovakian.   She speaks one of the two dialects in this country.   Blanch is 80.   We also crossed paths with a couple from our neck of the woods, Springfield, Ohio.    Three other ladies, we jokingly referred to as "The motley crew," provided us with mirth.   There were many more people we enjoyed as well.   Just too many to name. 

The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend.   As we left, I took numerous photos of the lake.   The skies were amazing every moment, any time of the day.   I can't wait till next year and I hope you will enjoy some of the Weekly Paintings to come (from this wonderful trip).

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Three on Duty


The more I paint these shores, the more I understand myself and why I love painting water and waves lapping against the shores.   Waves wash against the rocks and wear away at them, but at the same time, water is refreshing and life giving.  This is number 25 of 52 paintings I am painting this year.   I think I'm growing.

Thanks so much for your continued encouragement, your comments and eye-opening critiques. 

Our kitchen is nearly finished as far as the lower cabinets and new countertop are concerned.
Just a little bit more to do.

I had a delightful visit with my grandson, Braden, yesterday.   As he puts it, Braden is a "problem solver."
He and I went outside to open a new bag of sunflower seeds for the birds, but when opened we discovered a huge clump of moldy seeds, and many sprouted baby sunflower plants!   I said, "Oh, Braden, grandpa will have to get grandma a new bag."   But, Mr. Fixit Braden, said, "Oh, no, Grandma, I'm a problem solver.   We can put gloves on our hands and fix this!   We can throw away the bad ones and fill the feeders."   Well, that's just what we did!   The birds are so happy and we had a great time solving our problem!

Enjoy your family!
Have a great 4th!
God bless you till next time!!!

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June Artist Challenge


Funniest thing just happened.   Took the dog out for a short walk in the yard.   She always stalks around the bushes, hoping to surprise a bird or other animal.   I have never seen her actually "catch" one till a few moments ago.   It was just plain YUK.   A sweet little (I mean tiny!) baby bird almost made it, but the Dog was too quick!   She stood there staring up at me, with this tiny little thing in her mouth.   She was growling at me.   It was a stand-off.   Me first saying, "no, put that down!"   Then, her growling.    Then, me talking sweetly to her, "Oh, no, honey, that's not good, please put it down."    You guessed it.   Neither approach worked............after a bit of growling,........GULP.............(yuk!)

Well, the kitchen is in finally, but there are still little things to  be done yet.
I really love the granite.
I hope to spend more time cooking once it is all in shape.
Thanks for your patience.

I did manage to do an acrylic for this Weekly Painting.
It is a "do-over."   I had painted this same scene in watercolor, but wanted to work in acrylic on canvas this time.   Most of the paintings I am doing weekly are $52 and are 5 x 7 inches, but this one, LAKESIDE PAINTING II is 9x12, and is also $52.    

Please CLICK HERE for a larger image, or more details.

Our challenge for June was to create an artwork of two related, but different objects or beings.   This idea was submitted by Judy Paden (my wonderful mentor).  Judy was the only artist who submitted a painting for this month.  June is a busy time!   

Only one painting, but it is sold and so beautiful!!
MOTHER AND CHILD, COMMUNION----SOLD (Judy, contact me please)

Stay tuned, more to come!!!

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Always Here for You


There is just something about lighthouses and rocks by a shoreline:   they are always there for us.   This just "felt" romantic to me.   My sweetheart of going on 40 years, has always been there for me, like the lighthouse.   Jesus, the light of my life, has always been there for me.   Light = warmth = warm fuzzies = comfort = stability......Yep, that's the romance..........Always Here for You.

Always Here for You is number 23 in the series of 52.    I'm getting near the middle of this road!   So glad you have joined me!!   Stay tuned, more coming!

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Number22 Eternal Conflict


There was just something about these two opposing forces:  those steady, somewhat permanent boulders in the foreground and those huge crushing waves coming against them.  We all have conflicts of some sort in our lives.   Some, like this one, can be actually refreshing and cooling, once that first big wave hits us and the slime is washed off the rocks.....conflicts can be good.

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Wave Worn Shores of Marblehead #20


The effects of shoreline waves that have washed over boulders, cliffs, and rocks have always intrigued and challenged me.  I am repeatedly captivated and mesmerized while listening to the crashing white waves or to the gentle washing of lapping water over the  smooth "wave-worn" stone slabs of Marblehead.  This is a magical place to paint en plein air.

To see a larger image and more details, please CLICK HERE

ARTIST CHALLENGE FOR MAY was to use lace within the painting in some manner.
I received some Beautiful interpretations of this challenge!    For purchase, please contact me. 

Afternoon Tea_Marsha Elliott_9x12_$145

Lori, Self Portrait on her wedding day_acrylic_11x14_NFS

Little Bit of Lace_9x9colored pencil_Judy Paden_NFS

I love other artist's work! 
I went to Middletown last weekend to watch an oil painting demonstration by Kevin Macpherson.    His show runs until June 15th at the Middletown Art Center in Middletown, Ohio.   If you love impressionism, I highly recommend this show!

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Beyond the Rocks, Marblehead Light (#19)


In the spring of 2007, waves lapped at the rocky pathway as Dennis and I walked toward the lighthouse on the far eastern side of Marblehead penninsula of Lake Erie.  I always associated childhood memories of my father with this area of Ohio, water, lighthouses, and waves.  He and I shared a love for this jewel of nature.   Little did I know that just a few months later, I would lose him.   Beyond the Rocks, Marblehead Light, an acrylic on 5x7 Ampersand panel, is dedicated to him, God rest his soul.

Click here for more details.

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YUPO! "Fishin on Rose Lake" (complete)




CLICK ON PAINTING for more information.

Oh, boy!   Was this fun!!   You can see all of the steps it took
to complete this little gem by clicking  IN THE STUDIO.   
Scroll down to make your encouraging comments!  
God bless you.  Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hidden in His Pavilion, Psalm 27:5

I did the painting below on YUPO this week and if you go to IN THE STUDIO, you
can see a new yupo painting in stage one.   This is a challenging, but exciting
substrate.   Stay tuned!   You can also click on THIS PAGE to see more
"studies" that I have offered at a lower price.   Take a look.  You just might
find something special for a little corner of your home.   But, for Christmas gifts?
I would like to kindly suggest that you buy them the best!   Get an original
of quality!  (like the one you see below).

Hidden in His Pavilion
Donna Pierce-Clark
(watercolor on yupo)
12 x 19

 Psalm 27:5 

For in the time of trouble
he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.



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Come Walk with me on the Levee


Marsha and I went out for probably the last time this year to paint on site.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day as you can see! 


9 X 12 acrylic on panel


Golden Acrylic set up. 

Notice the light path that I was aiming to establish. 

"The Light,"
the most important thing in painting and in Life.

Follow the Light now,  before the darkness washes over your canvas of life.


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Pierce Clark WEEKLY PAINTING for Sept. 17, 2008


Hurricane Ike Rolling Over Ohio

I tried a new brand of ACRYLIC  paints this week!   GOLDEN OPEN!
They were fun, and VERY much like OILS, which seems to be my life-long search!  I still didn't get the shimmer I'm looking for, which I have found in the Holbein Duo Oils,  (a water miscible oil paint).   I think if Hurricane Ike hadn't been competing for my time, I would have used more of the medium, which would have given it the glisten that I like.

Hurricane Ike Rolling Over Ohio
11x14, Golden OPEN acrylic on canvas

CLICK HERE or on painting
for more details.

Ike was just starting to bend those trees!  I painted very quickly and wrapped it all up, then drove home with branches flying all around me, and several roads closed.  When I reached home, there was no electricity and no water!
Ohio today, Sept. 15, 2008, is still reeling from the winds of Ike!

I welcome and enjoy your comments!

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