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My Collector Wall & #21


Today's painting, "Beacon of Light, Marblehead," is of just the top part of the Marblehead lighthouse.   The more I paint these, the more excited I am getting about returning there in July.   This is painted from a photo.   In July the paintings will be done on site, in the warm summer sun!

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 A few weeks ago, I received a beautiful 11 x 14 inch original oil painting by Mick McGinty.  Oh!  It had that wonderful smell of fresh wet oils!!   And, of course, the painting was splendid!   I have a wall that is set aside just for fellow artist's work.   Looking at them inspires me and  lifts me into another world.   I am daily blessed with master brush strokes and color mixtures.   Actually, I have two walls for these luscious jewels.  Here you see one of my Collector Walls in the dining room where I paint my weekly paintings. 

My Second Collector Wall is reserved for and is in the basement studio where I work on larger paintings.   I'm getting so I dislike prints and like original work more and more.   Sure, we all can go to Walmart or Hobby Lobby and get a cheapo print on thin paper of some master, and put it in a beautiful frame to match the furniture; but unfortunately, in my humble opinion, this really cheapens the glory of an original.  Please consider the "other option" of owning an original work of art to grace your home.  You don't need an entire wall, but it is a fabulous experience to have one!!

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Wave Worn Shores of Marblehead #20


The effects of shoreline waves that have washed over boulders, cliffs, and rocks have always intrigued and challenged me.  I am repeatedly captivated and mesmerized while listening to the crashing white waves or to the gentle washing of lapping water over the  smooth "wave-worn" stone slabs of Marblehead.  This is a magical place to paint en plein air.

To see a larger image and more details, please CLICK HERE

ARTIST CHALLENGE FOR MAY was to use lace within the painting in some manner.
I received some Beautiful interpretations of this challenge!    For purchase, please contact me. 

Afternoon Tea_Marsha Elliott_9x12_$145

Lori, Self Portrait on her wedding day_acrylic_11x14_NFS

Little Bit of Lace_9x9colored pencil_Judy Paden_NFS

I love other artist's work! 
I went to Middletown last weekend to watch an oil painting demonstration by Kevin Macpherson.    His show runs until June 15th at the Middletown Art Center in Middletown, Ohio.   If you love impressionism, I highly recommend this show!

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Beyond the Rocks, Marblehead Light (#19)


In the spring of 2007, waves lapped at the rocky pathway as Dennis and I walked toward the lighthouse on the far eastern side of Marblehead penninsula of Lake Erie.  I always associated childhood memories of my father with this area of Ohio, water, lighthouses, and waves.  He and I shared a love for this jewel of nature.   Little did I know that just a few months later, I would lose him.   Beyond the Rocks, Marblehead Light, an acrylic on 5x7 Ampersand panel, is dedicated to him, God rest his soul.

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Lake Erie Sunset


My painting of the week was of a Lake Erie Sunset I saw last spring.  Oh, how beautiful and refreshing it was!  Dennis and I were strolling along the pier and it was almost dark.   The waves were lapping up on the sides of the pier and the lamp posts were lit along the walkway.  How romantic is that!! 

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Jeannie Wenrick visited our watercolor class tonight and oo-la-la!!!  She is amazing!  And she's sweet too!  Thanks Jeannie for sharing with us your talent for gorgeous color  mixtures and attention to details.

God bless ya all!

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