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Hayner Exhibit

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The exhibit is just beautiful.

Thank you Troy Hayner Cultural Center Staff for curating a uniquely diverse, but unified exhibit.
If you get to Troy, please stop by to see this nice show!
Click on Exhibits on the left bar to see dates of this and other exhibits.

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Perky Percolator!


There is just something about Percolators and Tea Pots.  To me, they seem to speak of a quiet afternoon, under a tree, and soft summer breezes.  I can imagine myself with a dear, sweet friend, enjoying gentle conversation, plans for the future, and shared memories floating on the wings of softly spoken words.   Birds sing and crickets chirp.  Flowers bloom and fade with the passing of time as we re-visit this special place throughout the year:   springtime, summer, fall. And, then with the onset of winter, the percolator (or tea pot) finds itself on a quiet corner table in a "sitting room."  There is laughter and joy, kind words and peace to fill the air as we recount events in our lives one to another.  I guess I "imagine" this because I have had "real" tea times with special friends through out my life.  Some of those friends are still in my life, some have passed on, some have moved away.  Tea Times are so special!  To see this painting in a zoom view, please click here (then, click on the + sign).  To see stages of this painting as I was working on it, please click here. 

Have a wonderful week!   Donna

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Storm Over Mac-O-Chee Castle


Several artists and one great photographer met at Mac-O-Chee castle in West Liberty a few days ago. Periodic downpours provided gorgeous misty landscape opportunities as we all painted, visited, and photographed.  I think I closed up the easel 3 times and waited for the rains to stop.  Opening it again and again, to add another stroke of the brush, one more quick capture of the lighting on this [erie?] scene.  Plein air painting can be so exciting!  

Click here for more on this fun story.  

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Gabriel's Announcement


Gabriel, in my mind, was huge, awesome, but gentle as he made the announcement to Mary that she would soon bare the son of God.  An awesome time in history.  To see a larger version of this painting, please click here.
As well, I did some plein air painting this week and last.  Neither of them are finished, but you can see the progress on both of them by clicking In the Studio.
On a very sad note, in the last two weeks, I have lost 3 dear friends.  One is the gallery owner in Springfield, who was such a supporter of my own artistic efforts and of many other local artists:   Robert Steele of Steelepointe Gallery on Limestone.  As Brian said, "Mom, he was your friend."  Yes, he was more than a gallery owner and my framer; he was my friend and Brian's.  He always asked about Brian. He framed some of Brian's pieces as well.  The gallery is closing.  A very sad time. Many people will miss him.   One other friend, in the art world just passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack:  Yvonne Stevens. The third person lost this week was the dear brother of one of my art friends.  
Life is short.
Lamentations 5:15-22
The joy of our heart has ceased; our dance has turned into mourning.  (16) The crown has fallen from our head. Woe to us, for we have sinned! (17) Because of this our heart is faint; because of these things our eyes grow dim; (18) Because of Mount Zion which is desolate, with foxes walking about on it. (19) You, O Lord, remain forever; your throne from generation to generation, (20) Why do you forget us forever, and forsake us for so long a time? (21) Turn us back to you, O Lord, and we will be restored; renew our days as of old,  (22) Unless you have utterly rejected us, and are very angry with us!  (quite the opposite: God is not angry)

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